Crayola Color Wonder Markers, Mess Free

Colors only on Color Wonder Paper! What is Color Wonder? Color Wonder Markers are designed to color only on Color Wonder Paper. It's magical! Watch the clear ink change to color in seconds as it dries on your Color Wonder Paper! The ink is clear but each marker is a different color. Where do I buy paper? Color Wonder Paper can be purchased: At local retail stores. At For additional ordering information call 1-800-CRAYOLA. Washing & Care Instructions: Color Wonder Markers use clear ink that is invisible on most household surfaces. Color Wonder Markers may alter the appearance of some surfaces such as vinyl and leather, and color may appear on finished and unfinished wood. Care should be taken to protect these surfaces. To minimize any change in appearance, wipe Color Wonder ink off household surface immediately. Color Wonder has been designed to not stain clothing. In the event that staining occurs on clothing or other surfaces, please call 1-800-CRAYOLA for stain removal instructions. Conforms to ASTM D-4236. All Crayola art materials are non-toxic. Made in U.S.A.