Green Edition Green Edition Pastel Easter Grass 1.5 oz

For decorative purposes only. Happy Easter! Conforms to ASTM D5511. This process takes place with or without external sources of light, heat, or moisture. These claims have been tested to ASTM claims have been tested to ASTM D5511 - Standard method for determining Anaerobic Biodegration of plastic materials under high solids Anaerbolic digestion conditions. Under these condition the Biodegradable Easter glass resulted in 3% biodegradation after 20 days. (Traditional Easter Grass resulted in almost 0% biodegradation) Product inside is biodegradable! (This Easter grass is made using Ecopure, technology EcoPure from Bio-Tec Environmental LLC). Bio-Tec Environmental: EcoPure is an additive that allows this Easter Grass to Biodegrade in a microbe-rich environment, such as a landfill. Made in America. Made in USA.