No preservatives. What better on a Russet than sour cream and fresh herbs? Our Dill & Sour Cream Kettle brand Potato Chips are a fresh twist on this tradition. In 1982, the debut of Kettle brand Chips changed the world of potato chips. In a world where ordinary, white chipping potatoes were lined up for the job, Kettle Foods took a bet on the Russet baking potato for its chips. Finding a star, we have used only the Russet ever since. We slice our Russets fresh into 100% expeller pressed oil and stir carefully until the Russet's natural sugars have caramelized into a rich golden brown. Krinkle Cut Kettle brand Chips likewise re-write the script, this time for ridge-cut chips. The signature of Krinkle Cut Kettle brand Chips is a generously thick slice, onto which deeply crevassed krinkles are carved. We have found that the thickness and unique texture of this cut lend a fine nuance to the full, sweet taste of the Russet, for which all Kettle brand Chips are known.