Merkury Innovations Mount, Mag Vent

Magnetic vent mount for mobile devices. Strong grill grip. Swivel head. Heat/cold resistant. Magvent is a new magnetic mounting system for conveniently mounting smartphones and more. Just hover your device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks sercurely in place. Magnetic: Ultra thin high carbon steel insert plates are specifically designed to provide high permeability and high saturation point for creating the best combination of magnetic holding power. 180 Degree Rotation: The mount allows a rotatory of 180 degrees and enables your device to be in landscape mode. Secure Stability: The vent clamp and magnetic head of the mount will hold your device in place. Includes: 1 x magnet air vent mount; 1 x magnetic insert plate. Mounts to vehicle's air vent. Magnetic plate can mount in the back of most device's battery cover or to the back of the device with 3M adhesive. Cradle-less, hassle free easy quick-snap one hand mounting system. Super thin steel insert plate provides extra strong magnetic attachability to mount. To explore our full selection of products, visit us at: Made in China.