WBC Orange Cream Craft Sodas - 4 PK

Natural orange cream flavor. Craft sodas. Soda with 100% real sugar. Caffeine free. Gluten free. Originated on Chicago's Goose Island in 1988. Natural flavor. Our deep Chicago roots began in 1988, when the first Chicago Style Craft Sodas were formulated in a brew pub on Chicago's historic Goose Island. Today, our WBC Craft Sodas have remained true to the original recipes, made with real sugar, and continue in a tradition of quality and innovation. When did craftsmanship disappear from soda? It seems like it was driven into extinction by caffeine, aluminum cans, and fridge packs. Wake up and smell the high fructose corn syrup! Better yet, wake up and taste WBC Craft Sodas. Made with real sugar, low in sodium, caffeine free and gluten fee, our naturally flavored sodas are cultivated to deliver the richest tastes ever bottled. They're so creamy, so indulgent that smiles naturally appear after every sip. Rich in flavor. Thick in tradition. witbeveragecompany.com.