Kuners Southwestern Corn, Gold 'n White

Extra crispy two-color corn. Salads. Side dishes. Soups. Southwestern cooking is a celebration of flavors: Mexican, Native American, Hispanic, Tex-Mex. It's smokey barbecues, slow cooked chili, warm tortillas, roasted corn, spicy beans, and plenty of chiles. Wily as the coyote, surprising as the desert flower, this food is robust, earthy and alive. Now Kuner's brings the taste of the Southwest to you. Southwestern Gold 'n White with Extra Crispy Two-Color Corn: A whole new variety, these extra crispy, super sweet, gold and white kernels grow on the same corn cob. Great for salads and soups, this crisp corn makes a great side dish right out of the can. For a free recipe booklet plus coupon using Kuner's Southwestern products, send proof of purchase and a stamped self-addressed envelope to our Consumer Affairs Department. We are very interested in any comments from our customers. When writing to us, please include the code on the can end. www.faribaultfoods.com. Please recycle - steel.