Quest Protein Powder, Salted Caramel Flavor

22 g protein per scoop. 88% p/cal (% of total calories that come from protein). 3 g net carb (3 g carbs - 0 g fiber = 3 g net carbs). Soy free. Less than 1 g sugar per serving. Gluten free. Bakes well. Taste, Reimagined: Quest Protein Powder is a tasty decadent blend, even when it's simply mixed with water! We've transformed casein, whey and milk protein isolates into impossibly delicious flavors that are distinctly Quest. But we didn't stop there. Cheat Day, Everyday: Quest Protein Powder is also a groundbreaking cooking companion for your favorite (hashtag)CheatClean recipes. Ditch the junk food for this incredible ingredient swap to turn a carb-heavy cheat into a protein-rich treat. P/Cal - Protein/Calorie Ratio: We believe a great protein powder should have a high protein-to-calories percentage. Quest Protein Powder has one of the highest because we don't add unnecessary ingredients. It's just amazing taste and excellent nutrition. To find the P/Cal of any product, multiply the protein grams by 4 and divide by the total number of calories. Compare us to other leading brands and see! (22 g protein x 4)/100 calories = 88% p/cal. Recipe book included! Find more recipes at Share Your Quest Recipe with Us:(hashtag)CheatClean; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; YouTube. You may see your recipe featured! (at)Questnutrition. 60% whey protein isolate. 40% micellar casein. This package is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling of contents may have occurred during shipping and handling.