Superior Preference Les True Brunettes Hair Color, Cooler, Ultra Light Natural Brown UL51

Level 3. Permanent. Optimized fade-defying system. Ultra lightening no-brass technology. Rich luminous conditioning colorant. For dark hair only. Ultra-lightening technology allows darkest hair to achieve beautifully balanced browns, up to 3 shades lighter, without a hint of brassiness. Extended tip designed to part hair and reach roots quickly, precisely, easily. Fade-defying conditioner. 6 weekly treatments of color protective Care Supreme conditioner with UV filter and anti-oxidant vitamin E to help defy fade-out and renew shine. Optimized fade-defying system includes: No-mess fade-defying color gel. Color creme in applicator, Care Supreme multi-dose conditioner, superior colorist gloves, insert. For dark hair only. Preference with optimized fade-defying system, creates a rich long-lasting color spectrum with luminosity and shine. True brunettes lightens the darkest hair up to 3 shades lighter, without a hint of brassiness achieving beautiful balances browns. Care Supreme conditioner helps lock in first day color vibrancy and keeps hair silky and resilient week after week. Color won't fade-out, turn dull or brassy. Preference shade guide. UL51 is an icy brown shade with ash tones, which will minimize red/orange tones. For optimal color results, use on medium brown to black hair. Current color results. Medium brown, dark brown, black. Preference shade tips. Not recommended of use on hair previously colored to a shade darker than medium brown. Not recommended for use on predominantly gray hair. On red hair, your color results will be soft reddish tones.