Variety of nutritious ingredients. The Hartz Wellness Principles are your guide to the best care for a health pet, When used in combination, these fundamentals are the cornerstone of a long, happy life. Principles; Health & Nutrition: A complete daily diet augmented with treats for variety and supplements for specific care needs. Fun & Recreation: Use toys and interactive treats to keep your pet fit and active, and to stimulate its mind, Out of cage playtime is also important and will strengthen your bond. Environmental Enrichment: While in its home, your pet needs essential care items, In addiction to food, it needs clean water and a place to nest and sleep, it should also have access to toys and other dietary supplements. Well being. Hartz Nutrition Wholesome Select Pet Rabbit Diet is a nutritious blend of tasty, wholesome ingredients that rabbits love! Harts Nutrition Wholesome Select Pet Rabbit Diet contains alfalfa meal and corn for carbohydrates to keep your rabbit's energy level at a peak high. It's also rich in minerals needed to enhance healthy bone development. Importantly, This nutritious diet meets the special health needs of all pet rabbits.