Icy Hot Smart Relief Tens Therapy Knee & Shoulder Refill Pads - 2 CT

2 electrode pads for use with SmartRelief control unit (sold separately). Blocks even chronic pain signals. Powerful, portable pain relief. Relieves even chronic pain. For tough or persistent pain, it's often difficult to find relief. Now you can get the same Tens technology used by your doctor, for a fraction of the cost and without a prescription! For persistent sore or aching muscles. For relief of chronic pain associated with arthritis. Convenient: SmartRelief uses an easily replaceable standard 3V CR2032 battery. Safe & Effective: Drug free. Blocks pain signals at the nerves. Energy Saving: Automatic shut-off after each 30-minute session. Reusable: Electrode pads are all reusable. Discreet & Portable: Use while doing normal activities. Personalized Relief: Intensity is adjustable (63 levels). For more information: visit SmartRelief.com. Scan QR code for video explanation. Refill Pads compatible with: Knee & Shoulder; Back & Hip. Blocks even chronic pain signals. Safe & effective. Reusable. www.icyhot.com. Made in China.