Tampax Cardboard Tampons Mixed Absorbencies, Anti-Slip Grip, LeakGuard Skirt, Unscented, 54 Count

Absorbency: 22 super; 22 regular; 10 lites (light). Anti-slip grip cardboard applicator. 3 levels of absorbency in 1 box. Tampons come in standardized industry-wide absorbencies. Use the chart for comparing absorbencies for all industry products. The risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) increases with higher absorbency. In order to reduce your risk of TSS, you should use the lowest absorbency that meets your needs. Light Absorbency: Less than 6 grams absorbency range. Regular Absorbency: 6-9 grams absorbency range. Super Absorbency: 9-12 grams absorbency range. Tampax does not manufacture or sell tampons under any other name. Tampax LeakGuard Guarantee: Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. If not satisfied with the performance of Tampax, send original receipt and UPC within 60 days of purchase for a refund. Limited to one redemption per household or name; no organizations. Refund is only for the cost of one box of tampons. Allow 6-8 weeks for refund. Call 1-800-398-3766 for details. Get the unique Tampax protection system! LeakGuard skirt for built-in backup protection. Your shape is unique, FormFit gently expands to fit your unique shape. Anti-slip grip prevents your fingers from slipping and helps get your tampon in the right place. www.tampax.com. www.beinggirl.com. Questions? 1-800-523-0014. Made in USA.