Goof Off Heavy Duty Spot Remover & Degreaser

The miracle remover! Cleans: label/tape residue, grease, oil, ink, marker, crayon, wax & more! Walls & floors. Upholstery & carpet. Greasy surfaces. Works the first time! No oily residue. Biodegradable. Goof Off Heavy Duty Spot Remover & Degreaser works like magic to quickly remove difficult mistakes, spots and messes that ordinary household cleaners can't. It works the first time due to its powerful, micro-emulsion formula. It penetrates deep into spots, stains and greasy messes to make tough cleaning easy. Also great for: stickers & adhesive residue, asphalt & tar, stains, crayon, pen & market, gum, scuff marks, lipstick, nail polish & makeup, bugs & tree sap, fresh latex paint. Maximum 4% VOC.