Crayola DryErase Value Board Set

4+. 8 washable dry-erase crayons; E-Z erase cloth; Crayon sharpener. Dry-erase board. Create, erase, create again! Dry-Erase board. Washable Dry Erase Crayons. No caps. No odors! Nontoxic. 8 vibrant colors! Plus E-Z erase cloth & built-in sharpener. Washability you can trust! The best of Dry-Erase in a Crayon! 8 vibrant colors that work on multiple surfaces! Washes clean from hands and clothes! Wipes from dry-erase surfaces - but won't accidentally brush off! No odor, no caps to lose, and won't dry out! E-Z erase cloth inside! Comes with built-in sharpener! Look for other Crayola low-odor & washable dry-erase products at your local retailer. Quality Guarantee: We guarantee the quality of all Crayola products. If this product does not perform properly, please contact us. In the USA and Canada, call 1-800-CRAYOLA (800-272-9652), weekdays 9 AM - 4 PM ET. Contents and colors may vary. Safety Information: ACMI AP - Art & Creative Materials Institute certified. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. All Crayola art materials are nontoxic. Dry-Erase Crayons are certified AP. CE Listed. A Hallmark company. Made in Mexico.