Wisk HE Laundry Detergent, 3X Concentrated, Multi-Action

32 Loads. Great for cleaning for front loading machines. Concentrated detergent that also doubles as a pre-treater! Just handy little dose of the concentrate power of new Wisk Multi-Action Concentrate delivers great clean in the wash. Plus, its rich, thick formula makes it an effective pre-treater when you need one. It grabs on and stays in contact with stains while you treat them. Wisk Multi-Action concentrate - its detergent to rely on, even as a pre-treater when you need to. This detergent is 3x concentrated, so please use the cap to measure the recommended amount of detergent. Do not fill the detergent dispenser compartment in your HE machine without measuring first! Dissolves easily in the wash. Safe for handwashables, [except for silks and wools] for use with bleach and septic tanks. Made in USA.