Free from: artificial flavors. Per 3/4 Cup Dry: 200 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 0 mg sodium (0% DV); 1 g total sugars. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by OCIA. Macaroni product. 100% durum semolina. Free From: artificial flavors; artificial colors; artificial preservatives. Live free with Wild Harvest. Wild Harvest Organics offer a complete selection of food products that are free from more than 140 undesirable ingredients. But we don't stop there, Wild Harvest Organic products go one step further and are certified organic by the USDA's strict standards and are made only with high quality ingredients from growers and manufacturers who share our commitment to healthy people and planet. Here's a penne for your thoughts! Wild Harvest Organic Penne is made from 100% organic semolina, which, when cooked, yields a firmer noodle that holds its shape and texture. It's the perfect ingredient for any number of entrees, side dishes, salads or soups - such as the wonderful lemon chicken penne recipe featured on back. Partner our penne with fresh pesto. Stir in torn spinach leaves, olives and cooked salmon. Simple, tasty and oh so satisfying. The possibilities are endless. Think big. 100% Quality Guaranteed: Like it or let us make it right. That's our quality promise. 877-932-7948. Mywildharvest.com. mywildharvest.com. To learn more about Wild Harvest products, including our full line of organic products, please visit www.mywildharvest.com. 100% recycled paperboard.