B Lloyds Salad Topping, Walnut, Sweet & Crunchy

Glazed walnut pieces. All natural. Nuts did it! Since 1930. B. Lloyd's Story: Hey y'all, Paula Deen here. My good friends at B. Lloyd's are great people with a great story. It all started back in 1905, when B. Lloyd Woodall helped his daddy plant pecan trees. Twenty- five years later, using pecans from trees he helped plant, Mr. B. Lloyd built his first pecan store near Barnesville, Georgia. News of these delicious pecans spread, and it wouldn't be long before there were over a dozen B. Lloyd's stores running up and down the southeastern highways. But it wasn't until B. Lloyd's was officially introduced at the 1939 World's Fair that these South Georgia boys hit the big time. After that, they started shipping products all over the country and to our servicemen and women overseas. The last B. Lloyd's store closed in the 1990's, but their delicious goodies can still be enjoyed today. You're gonna love these nuts, y'all. Product of the USA.