Purina DentaLife Made in USA Facilities Cat Dental Treats, Savory Salmon Flavor - 1.8 oz. Pouch

Calorie Content (Calculated) 3481 kcal/kg, 1.3 kcal/piece. Crunchy, porous texture allows tooth to penetrate for an effective clean. Scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup. With added calcium and taurine. A delicious, daily dental treat that helps clean your cat's teeth with an innovative crunchy and porous texture. More porous texture than traditional treats to more easily reduce tartar buildup. Scientifically designed to help the tooth penetrate the treat for an effective clean. Wholesome ingredients and a tasty salmon flavor she’ll love. Purina.com. purinadentalife.com. Purina.com. 1-800-778-7462. Veterinary oral health council Accepted. Helps control tartar. Proudly produced in Clinton, IA. Crafted in USA facilities. Care for your cat's oral health by making Purina DentaLife Savory Salmon Flavor adult cat dental treats part of her regular routine. These treats feature a porous texture, which helps her teeth to penetrate the treat for a thorough clean that's scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup. The crunchy texture invites her to nibble to her heart's content, while the added calcium and taurine in every serving give you added peace of mind that she's getting essential nutrients in a tasty treat. Featuring a savory salmon flavor, these adult cat treats make snack time an exciting adventure for her taste buds with every tooth-scrubbing bite. We craft these treats without artificial flavors or colors, so your darling cat gets the wholesome ingredients you expect from a cat treat. Offer these snacks in addition to your cat's complete and balanced diet, and give her the breakthrough clean that is sure to make her smile from whisker to whisker.; Show your cat you care about her dental health needs when you offer her Purina DentaLife Savory Salmon Flavor adult cat dental treats. The scrumptious salmon flavor is bound to get her excited about snack time, and the unique design covers all sides of her teeth for a fresh clean you can both feel good about. The texture is more porous than traditional cat treats, which helps to reduce tartar buildup and keep your cat's teeth clean. With a temptingly crunchy texture and tasty flavor, these treats make your cat's daily oral care routine more enjoyable, and you get the comfort that comes from knowing she's getting a treat crafted from wholesome ingredients. Along with regular brushing, these treats can be a mouthwatering part of her oral health routine. We package these adult cat treats in a convenient resealable pouch to help preserve their freshness and keep them ready for whenever your cat deserves a delicious dental treat. As a pet owner, you are concerned about the quality of your cat's foods and treats, and that means we are, too. That's why we work to ensure quality is the number one ingredient in every cat treat and cat food we produce. Each batch of these Purina DentaLife treats undergoes rigorous testing for quality and safety throughout every step of the manufacturing process, giving you added peace of mind every time you reach for a pouch. Rest easy knowing that the science behind these tasty adult cat treats is backed by more than 90 years of research and Purina's commitment to helping make pets' lives better all over the world. Offer up Purina DentaLife Savory Salmon Flavor adult cat dental treats to give your cat the breakthrough clean she needs to be her best smiling self, and show her just how much you care about her overall health and wellness.; Invite your cat to nibble to her heart's content on these Purina DentaLife Savory Salmon Flavor adult cat dental treats to give her mouth a breakthrough clean.