Pawtriotic Dog Treats, Pumpkin Pie Recipe

All natural. All American. Wheat free. Limited ingredient treats. 100% natural. No artificial ingredients! No wheat. No sugar. No salt. Pawtriotic Dog Treats are proudly made right here in the USA! We support hardworking American farmers by using only the best human grade ingredients, produced from American soil. Our family-owned bakery is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we pride ourselves on sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing. We do not use chemicals, animal by-products, or preservatives within our dog treats! Our treats are made using limited ingredients in an effort to provide all dogs with deliciously healthy treats that their people can trust. In addition, we contribute a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations that directly affect canines in a pawsitive way. For more information on our charitable contributions, please visit our website: What makes Pawtriotic Dog Treats unique? We not only bake treats for our favorite 4-legged creatures, but we also want to call attention to mankind's best friend by featuring drawings of real American dogs from all walks of life! Do you want your drawing to be features on one of our boxes of treats? go to The pumpkin used in Pawtriotic Pumpkin Pie treats is made from pumpkins and grown in the USA and contains no added shortening, sugar or preservatives. A classic American taste your dog will love! Yes: natural flavors; natural colors; limited ingredients; sustainable ingredients; right size for every dog! No: wheat; soy; corn; sugar; preservatives; salt. What makes Pawtriotic dog treats unique? We not only bake treats for our 4-legged citizens, but we also want to recognize mankind's best friend by featuring artwork of American dogs for all walks of life. Visit for more information on how to submit original artwork. Featured American Dog: Cody. Facebook. Twitter. Pawtriotic is made by the good dogs and people at Wet Noses Inc. in Monroe, WA (just outside of Seattle). We get all our human grade ingredients from sustainable, reputable suppliers and always source locally. All of our ingredients are produced in the USA and so are our treats, baked every day at our own family owned facility. Thank you for your support! Woof!!! Calorie Count: ME Calculated kcal/kg 360. Proudly made with sustainable USA ingredients. Made in the USA.