Jack Link's Beef Jerky KC Masterpiece Barbecue

KC Masterpiece. 97% Fat free, 8 g total carbs (per serving). It all started in 1885. My great-grandparents settled in the north woods of Wisconsin, bringing with them family meat snack recipes and an adventurous pioneer spirit. Their time-honored tradition of using only premium cuts of meat and the finest spices and seasonings still holds true today. My family is still here in Northern Wisconsin, taking pride in the products we make, and quietly becoming America's no. 1 brand of jerky and meat snacks. Quality, tradition, and a spirit of adventure have been our way of life for over 100 years. So go ahead. Find your favorite. Enjoy! - Jack Link. Real satisfying. Real tender. Real meat. Feel your wild side. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Packaged in USA.