Palmer Candy, Hollow, Milk Chocolate Flavored, Easter Friends

Making Candy Fun. The Little Lost Chick: One sunny Easter morning, a fuzzy little lamb was happily munching grass in the meadow when she heard the faint sound of crying. She followed the sound, and behind a tree found a tiny baby chick. I'm lost and I can't find my way home sobbed the chick. I miss my Mamma! Don't cry, said the lamb, I'll help you get home. How did you get so far away from the hen house? I was looking for eggs at our Easter egg hunt, sniffed the chick. And the next thing I knew, I wandered so far that I was completely lost! You're much taller than me, said the chick. Can you see the hen house from up there? The lamb strained her neck, then got up on her tippy hooves and looked all around, but she couldn't see the hen house, Maybe it's over that hill, or that dale, or past those trees, or around the pond. said the lamb. Just then, they heard a voice say, What are you guys looking for? They looked around, but didn't see anyone. Hey, up here! said the voice. The chick and lamb looked up into the tree to see a silly squirrel hanging from a branch by his toes. Can I help? asked the squirrel. Were looking for the hen house so I can get home to my Mamma, said the chick. But it's too far away for us to see from down here, said the lamb. Hey, maybe I'll be able to see it from up here! said the squirrel, as he scampered up higher into the tree. I see it! yelled the squirrel. And there's a big red hen running around like crazy with a basket of Easter eggs! That must be my Mamma looking for me! said the chick. Follow me! shouted the squirrel, as he bounded down the tree and across the meadow. Wait for us said the lamb as she put the baby chick on her back. Across the meadow they ran. Over the hill, and through the dale. Past the trees and around the pond they went until finally the hen house came into view. There's my Mamma! said the chick with a giggle. My baby! squawked the hen. The chick hopped off the lamb's back and into a big Mamma hen hug. Thank you for bringing my baby homer said the hen. They're my new friends, Mamma! said the chick. They're my Easter Friends! From that day on, they chased butterflies and played around the farm, and became EFFs: Easter Friends Forever! The Palmer Quality Pledge: For over 60 years, Palmer has been a national brand making candy for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween. We use only the finest ingredients and are proud of all our products. If you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will make it right. We would also enjoy hearing from you for any other reason. Visit us at: - R.M. Palmer, Jr., President. Visit us at: Like us on Facebook.