Sylvania Double Life Indoor 25 Watts Light Bulb

Sylvania Double Life* Indoor 25 Watts Light Bulb. 120V. 2X lasts longer*™. 1 G25 bulb. Lasts 2x long than standard G25 bulbs. Life: 3000 hours. *Almost the same light output and lasts twice as long as a 25w 1500 hr. bulb. CSA®. 1-800-LIGHTBULB (1-800-544-4828) (US & Canada). 01 (800) 716 7007 (Mexico). Sylvania is a registered trademark of Osram Sylvania Inc. Recommended uses: Vanity lighting. Pendant fixtures. Ceiling fixtures. Sylvania: if you are not satisfied with this product's performance, return the UPC code along with your name and address to the address on this package. We will replace your bulb free of charge.