There's always another use. Stops squeaks. Cleans and protects. Loosens rusted parts. Frees sticky mechanisms. Drives out moisture. Perfect Size for: Glove compartment; Tackle box; Tool Box; Boats; Kitchen drawer; Campers. The WD-40 Handy Can solves all your problems. Glove Compartment: Penetrates and lubricates car hinges and locks. Frees up lug nuts and stuck bolts. Removes tar, grease and adhesives. Tool Box: Cleans and protects tools. Loosens stuck bolts, valves and pipes. Works great as a cutting oil. Kitchen Drawer: Lubricates sliding windows and drawers. Removes adhesives and crayon. Cleans grease, grime and scuff marks. Tackle Box: Protects metal lures, hooks and tackle from rust. Cleans and lubricates reels. Prevents corrosion on rod eyelets. Boats: Cleans and protects winches, hinges and other metal parts from corrosion. Displaces moisture on electrical systems. Campers: Penetrates & lubricates hinges, locks and valves. Displaces moisture on wet engines & spark plugs. Propellant: CO2. No CFC's.